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Zümrüd-ü Anka bird was a wise bird that lives on the branches of the information tree on the summit of Mount Kaf, was reliable and able to solve any problem. One day Zümrüd-ü Anka bird disappeared. Then other birds set out to find its. They exited, but they had to have seven traits to cross the seven bottomless valleys and reach the summit; strength, virtue, patience, diligence, knowledge, loyalty and healing. When they reached Mount Kaf, only 30 birds remained. When they went up the hill, they found Phoenix's home and learned that; each of them was actually Anka, and what they searched for and found through this journey was theirs ...

With its seven unique features, Zümrüd-ü Anka promises a new beginning just like the story of the Phoenix bird. Take your place in Zümrüd-ü Anka, which offers a unique life with its unique location at the foot of the Samanlı Mountains, its view that overcomes all obstacles, its healing nature, comfort that makes you feel above the clouds, its fairytale elegance, high quality and social facilities. Clap wings to an epic start!

Andrew Shade

Trust & Quality Mamikler

HALUK MAMİK and FARUK MAMİK, one of the founders of our company, have been continuing in the jewelry sector under the name of Seval Kuyumculuk since 1997 and started to serve our customers by establishing Seval Construction in Kocaeli province in 2001 to show the same success in the construction industry.

It is our criterion to ensure the continuity of our high quality services and to increase customer satisfaction day by day.

Our most important goal is to make our business correct and complete and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by meeting customer needs and expectations in the best way in order to ensure that our customers receive better quality and reliable service with the experience we have gained to be worthy of your trust in us.

We have done our duty to provide you with the highest quality service, to fulfill our promises completely, to deliver on time and safely.


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